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For me, to write is to breathe.

Words have power.
Power to build and power to destroy.
I use my words to inspire.

I have been writing for much of my life. I am the author of three five-star rated children’s books and I work as a content writer during the day. I love to edit and empower aspiring authors.

my books

Inspirational illustrated picture books for children

Girl, You Are Magic!

Girl, You Are Magic! is an inspirational illustrated poem that infuses self-love in girls and women by reminding them of who they are before anybody tells them who they are. It originated as a way to stop bullies in their tracks.

Boy, You Are Brilliant!

Boy You Are Brilliant! is an inspirational illustrated poem that delivers positive affirmations to boys and reinforces messages about empathy, being kind and knowing that it is okay to ask for help.

I Am Not Afraid of Spiders

I Am Not Afraid of Spiders is a narrative poem that helps readers consider what would happen if we responded to other creatures’ differences with curiosity instead of fear and violence. It is based on a true story and inspired by Nikki Giovanni’s poem, Allowables.

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The bartender, he studies rocks… To me, rocks are broken ground and being grounded is home. I want to sprawl, I want to wail, I want to know there is ground under me. But I must tidy the ground under me, I must finish my work, I must ensure the ones I care for are […]

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