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Ashley Aya Ferguson

Ashley Aya Ferguson is a writer, editor, author, and coach. During the day, Ferguson serves as a content developer and strategist. To date, she has published three children’s picture books titled, Girl, You Are Magic!  Boy, You Are Brilliant! and I Am Not Afraid of Spiders.


After graduating Cum Laude from Ohio University’s Scripps School of Journalism, Ferguson spent time in New York interning for noteworthy magazines but returned to Ohio to raise her daughter with the village they both would need. Because in 2008, making a living and being a creative were mutually exclusive, Ashley settled into a marketing position.


Prior to her position as a content developer and strategist, Ferguson worked in marketing project management honing her productivity, budget, and time management skills. While serving as the sole provider, the only professional writing she got to do was creating emails that didn’t need to be meetings.


In order to work with words like she’d always dreamt of doing, she created a copywriting side hustle and called it: Copy & Content Boutique, LLC for which she wrote proposals for PR, website copy for small businesses, blogs, and reviewed manuscripts for first-time self-published authors. Eventually, with enough clips, clout, and people to vouch for her, she returned to writing professionally doing work as a content marketing manager for a textile company in 2015.


Today, Ferguson puts words to work finessing value props as a content writer  for a technology company while pursuing storytelling in her spare time. She has been a featured author at schools, libraries, and bookstores and takes every opportunity to inspire others to tell their stories, too.


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A personal note

I was raised in Springfield, Ohio. I am the youngest child and the only girl. Once  I started writing and never stopped. I wrote letters to my family; letters to the editor of my local newspaper; I joined a staff of writers at school; competed in Power of the Pen competitions and eventually studied magazine journalism at Ohio University. Today I write for a living like I’ve always dreamed of doing.