Welcome, hello, thank you!

Hey –

I’m glad you are here.

This is all a bit much for me, honestly.

I am not really big on creating my own tagline, talking about myself or creating a cool nickname.

I wish I didn’t need a website and could sit down for tea with you instead.

But, these days a digital presence is nearly as important as a physical one.

So here we are.

The point of it all… 

I want to communicate better.

I’m not super talkative when you first meet me.

I like to observe.

The purpose of this blog is to communicate, to give you an idea of who I am, what drives me, encourages me and how I get through as an ambitious writer and single mother.

My photos aren’t always going to look staged. I don’t live that kind of life.

My blogs won’t always be neat little packages with helpful takeaways.

I am a flawed beautiful creature and I hope this space will reflect that.


What I can offer here is authenticity.


I love to read. 

I love to crawl in rabbit holes of research. 

I love experimenting with words and ideas.

I love encouraging other writers.


I believe in acknowledging my own shortcomings 

(even though I’m a Virgo and it’s hard for me sometimes).

I believe in writing to heal, writing to tell stories, writing for fun and writing to inspire.

I believe more than anything in authenticity.

I hope that this site gives you the opportunity to learn more about me, read my work, support my efforts or connect directly. I’ll be here to update this blog periodically but I’ll mostly be working on new pieces.

I hope you enjoy.